The Igniting Men Conference is a one-day conference designed to provide opportunities for men to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ and each other while addressing the areas of their lives that needed improvement: marriage, family, addictions, friendship, career, and more.

We recognize that men like to use their heart and hands, not just their head. Jesus knew the problems of His world in His time that would have an eternal impact and showed His disciples why it was important to address these problems.

Today those problems include racial reconciliation, social injustice, domestic violence, poverty, and hunger.

We believe that gender violence and racial unity are core issues where the men of the church can make a huge positive impact. We feel so strongly about these issues that our 2019 conference agenda includes a roundtable discussion on how men can help prevent violence against women.

Jesus showed His disciples how they could make an impact on an infinitely global level while also showing them the power of their impact on a local and even individual level. We want today’s men to recognize the problems we face in our society and provide them the tools and relationships to address them.

The Igniting Men Conference is one of those tools.

“Awaken the Spiritual Warrior Within You”

  • A powerful worship experience.
  • Powerful, Biblically-based keynote messages.
  • Breakout seminars featuring topics relevant to the lives of men.
  • A “Unity Roundtable” discussion with a diverse panel discussing gender violence.

This conference is open to all men seeking a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and the desire to be better leaders in their homes, workplace, and community.